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Corporate Programs

A stress relief, a team builder, a morale booster, a motivator 

Sure we offer all kinds of fun, luxurious, affordable services to indulge your employees, but we're not just in the mani and pedi business. We're in the feel great about yourself business

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Work. Done Beautifully.

Our programs & your team

What we do is about more than pretty polishes and beautiful hair, it’s about how make people feel. We’re all about a beautiful state of mind. We’re about selfcare that’s fast and affordable and creating custom experiences that never compromise.

You can leverage our programs to create incentives that feel beautiful. From product launch events, to in-office events, or purchasing programs like bulk gift cards, or packages and memberships. Give the gift of: Life. Lived Beautifully.

  • team building

  • stress reduction

  • motivation & morale

  • improve workplace happiness

  • incentivize your staff... and more!

  • recognition


Here’s what we can do for your incentive plan

We Come to You You Come to Us Other Programs
Product launches, VIP events, client appreciation, or in-office services Group bookings, private Events, client appreciation Corporate gifting, promo codes, packages & membership programs

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